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Is Your Internet Slow Enough To Get Out Of Your Deal?


Sky UK has become one of the leading internet providers throughout the country and it’s not hard to see why. When you want a good internet service and want to combine this with television packages and telephone packages, Sky offers a wide variety of plans, as does many others of course. However, there are many who want to change their internet simply because of their internet speed. Who wants to spend an hour waiting for an internet page to load or to download one song? It can be extremely annoying to say the least but is it really a way to get out of your current internet deal and look for another, better deal?

New Rules

Anyone can leave their current broadband deal whenever they feel it’s necessary but usually there is a termination fee to end the contract early which can put a lot of people off from leaving. However, recently, there have been new rules brought into the forefront stating that anyone with broadband can leave without any fees as long as their internet connect is far too slow. It might sound a little strange as usually internet is fast but sometimes it just doesn’t meet with your standards. Sky internet providers might even be able to cut short their deal with you if your speeds aren’t good enough. It isn’t just you saying they’re slow of course but actually proving it which isn’t as difficult as you might think either. It is possible to get out of your current deal.

How Does This Work?

Whenever someone signs up to an internet company, they are usually told a variety of things such as the speed of their internet and what they should expect from their service. There are also certain speed levels that are assigned to areas throughout the country and when the speed falls below the set level then it is very much possible to ask your contract to be ended. You can also say there should be no additional fee to pay. However, you need to do this within the first three months of the contract starting. If however, the speeds slow down after, you should still contact Sky and see what can be done. It might be they look at fixing the problem or even offer a discount because of the problems you’ve suffered.

Should You Give The Internet Time To Improve?

When you’re just starting up with a company, the internet can take a little while to work itself out and become fully functional so you shouldn’t jump at stopping the contract within the first week or two. You ideally need to give Sky internet providers or whatever company you’ve chosen, a little time to work. Within sixty days at the very least the service should be working fully and no issues should be putting up unless it’s a local outage. However if you are worried about the speeds and you’ve tested them, why not contact the company and voice your concerns.

Get Fast Broadband

If you live in an area which doesn’t have good coverage by any internet provider then it could be a real issue to get fast broadband from any company. However, it isn’t impossible either as long as you ensure the broadband box is set up. Also, you could look at using an Ethernet cable to help connect to the modern and that might help speed things up too. Everything is worth a try before cutting your Sky UK contract.