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Painting and Popcorn in a Different Light

My wife is an artist.  At least, she thinks of herself as an artist; she spends half of her free time in a room we’ve converted to a studio where she can paint and sculpt to her heart’s content.  She also likes to paint outdoors on our patio, so I had the place screened in for her.  She is one of those painters who loves to paint nature scenes and landscapes, but who can’t stand heights, depths, winds or insects.  However, many of her paintings have been eagerly snapped up by acquaintances seeking something to hang in their homes.


One room in our home is furnished with tables and art stands that we obtained from Pier 1 Imports.  This give the room an atmosphere that is conducive to enjoying art while sitting and conversing, or even playing games on one of their game set tables or stands.  All of the walls are lit with recessed lighting fixtures that can be adjusted to spotlight any particular sculpture or painting along the walls.  This gives the room almost a gallery effect, but the lighting can be adjusted so that the room doesn’t feel as if one is in a “showroom” or store.  And naturally the room is fitted with the latest connections to use when you want to access the internet – this makes it possible t send live displays of her work from that room to any prospective buyers.  The variable use of the lighting enables us to have the room serve multiple purposes while still feeling as if it is part of a home rather than a separate part of the house.


By using a Groupon promo code we were able to acquire many of the items from Pier 1 Imports at significant savings; for example today they are offering up to a 50% discount and free shipping to shoppers when they use a Groupon promo code when making their purchases.  So we took advantage of deals like that in order to furnish not just our art showroom, but also some of the other rooms in our home.  I even treated myself to a long-desired globe that I put next to the desk in our study.  And we found the perfect decorations to put before our fireplace, where I often snack on popcorn while she paints her next masterpiece.