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Reasons for choosing sky internet providers


Sky UK is a telecommunication company which serves the United Kingdom. Where, Sky provides television and broadband internet services, fixed line and also mobile telephone services to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom. Therefore, it is the UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster. However;

  1. It was the UK’s most popular digital TV service until it was overtaken by free view
  2. Its corporate headquarters are based in Isle worth.
  3. It was formed in November 1990 by the equal merger of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting.
  4. The United Kingdom operations also changed the company name from British Sky Broadcasting Limited to Sky UK Limited, still trading as Sky. Sky UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sky plc.

Sky Broadband provides Sky customers with download speeds of up to 20Mbit/s and up to 76Mbit/s from exchanges enabled for FTTC via an Open reach landline, which often still referred to as a BT line. Sky also introduced a free broadband and calls package for its digital TV subscribers within the Sky Broadband network area, this means anyone on Sky can get free broadband, which is subject to a 2GB/month usage limit and free evening and weekend telephone calls, as long as the line is in a Sky Broadband network area. For customers whose exchange has not been enabled for the above services, the connect service is available using the BT Wholesale ADSL Max network.

The following are reasons for choosing sky internet providers;

  1. They have a fast broadband

It has a broadband connection of more than 8Mbps, which will allow one to e-mail, share pictures, watch YouTube, check Face book and play games. Fast broadband including typically fibre-optic broadband products, which appeals mainly to those who download more or less constantly and have very demanding applications.

  1. One can make a free phone calls with broadband package

If one uses his/her landline, bundling their telephone and broadband packages can save money and time, and most of providers have package deals for the two.

  1. They have digital TV with broadband

Option to add digital TV to broadband bundle and one can get a much wider choice of programmes to choose from, including movie premiers and glossy. Also one is be able to see Premier League games live, as well as a host of other crown-jewels sports events. .

  1. They provide the hardware with a package to get wireless internet

All ISPs now provide free wireless routers with their packages. These are vital if one had a multiple devices, such as laptops and gaming consoles, connecting to a single line.

  1. They have internet security software

Internet security should be a priority for everyone. With viruses able to infect computers from visiting nefarious sites, opening email attachments and downloading files, it is imperative that one protect his/her computer and data against these attacks. The good news is that, as with wireless routers, security suites are included in most broadband packages.